Microfluidic Sperm Sorting Chips

Fertile® Material Safety Data Sheet

Fertile® Features 

FERTILE ® , can be used in IVF (In vitro fertilization), IUI (Intra uterine insemination), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection). FERTILE ® provides a better process for sperm washing, swimming and gradient centrifuging, making these processes with less time and stage demanding. It also sorts sperms with best DNA and physiological quality.

FERTILE ® , does not use any stage, that harms physically alive sperms unlike centrifuge or mixing with vortex

These defined stages also creates oxidative stress on cells. Studies show that oxidative stress creates DNA fragmantation (1,2).Sperms with these damaged DNA’s cause unseccesfull IVF and IUI applications. (3).

FERTILE® , is user friendly and has reproducible outcomesi for that reason it eliminates technician, material and solution differences and errors.

FERTILE® , provides results withing 30 minutes with best yield. It takes away long preperation times on IVF, ICSI and IUI.

Also FERTILE ® does not require any pretreatment to the sample. This decreases the contamination risk.

When working with multiple samples, confusions cam be prevented with noting ID datas or serial numbers on the microchips surface.

Microchips can be observed with light microscobe, this can provide an efficent monitorization.


FERTILE ® is designed for sorting sperms which have better morphology, genetic and physiologic quality from other dead or immature sperms without using sperm damagin techniques, like centrifuge or mixing with pipette, in every assisted reproductive technology, andrology or embrylogy labratory.

FERTILE ® has an inlet, for applying the sample and an outlet for collecting processed product. FERTILE ® Plus represented steryl and single-use to users. Also, product mimics female reproducing system with microfluiding technology for natural sperm movement.

FERTILE ® Manufactured with biocompatible materials. It is designed for to have best ergonomy working safety and user friendliness.

Performance Evaluation


Persentage of Motility

We observed a signifi cant difference in the percentage of motile sperm at the channel inlets and outlets indicating the sorting capability of FERTILE®.

Sperm Velocity Evaluation

After working with FERTILE ®, collected sperms has more than 1,5 times curvilinear velocity compared to unprocessed semen.

After working with FERTILE ® , collected sperms has more than 3,8 times straight line velocity compared to unprocessed semen.

After working with FERTILE ® collected sperms has more than 1,2 times average velocity compared to unprocessed semen.